MspEncryptMailDesktop Encryption

It’s vital you protect and ensure authorized receipt of email communications containing sensitive and confidential data, such as client, legal or intellectual property.

With MspEncryptMail Desktop Encryption you can enforce email encryption at the desktop. Since emails are encrypted locally on the sender’s computer, email messages cannot be read until they reach the intended recipient – not even by your IT department. Only those possessing the decrypt “key” can unlock the messages, instilling confidence in your customers and business partners that their communications are safeguarded.

Your users will appreciate the hassle-free, one click message encrypt transmission to anyone, while you’ll appreciate the easy to enable email policies, centralized credential management, and branding options.


Features & Benefits

Ensures Confidentiality

Emails are encrypted and digitally signed right at the desktop by the sender, eliminating the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than intended recipient.

Verifies compliance

Enable email privacy policies to reduce the risk of data loss and facilitate regulatory compliance measures. Audit reporting is robust, easy to produce, document and analyze.

See how Desktop Encryption can instill confidence in your customers and business partners that their communications are confidential, authenticated and reliable.


  • Now with 2048 bit support.
  • Policies automatically encrypt messages based on certain keywords.
  • Enhanced branding within Microsoft Outlook
  • Support for strong and custom passwords.
  • Support for email disclaimers to any encrypted message.
  • Force encryption on sensitive emails based on domains, attachment types, and keywords.
  • Right click to encrypt messages in your inbox for safe keeping.
  • Compatible with third party PKI and S/MIME systems.
  • Add third party trusted contacts using tools and settings to send them encrypted messages.
  • Simple Administration to include bulk enrollment, key revoking, key recovery, and escrow.
  • Simple distribution of plug-in from .MSI files.


  • Encryption takes place at desktop.
  • Eliminates the possibility of confidential information being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.
  • Encrypted messages cannot be read by hackers or even anyone in the IT department.
  • Helps organizations meet compliance regulations.
  • Allows manual email encryption with a single click or employees can rely on predefined privacy policies.
  • Central management of policies and procedures.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Supports industry standard encryption.
  • Eliminates need to deploy and maintain expensive.
  • Third party PKI or Certification Authorities.