Bitdefender now protects over 500 million endpoints

July 4, 2017 launched full disk encryption: Keep business data secured and compliant. Data is the most important asset in the digital economy. Employees carrying a laptop loaded with company sensitive information during a business trip or commute are exposed to risk of losing or theft of there mobile devices. Avoid the risk of losing data and stay within compliance regulations by fully encrypting the hard drive of your mobile endpoints.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus Can Actually Help Spies Steal Data, Warn Researchers

"Kaspersky says it isn't going to fix the problem"

"It's not just Americans that are worried about the Moscow-based AV vendor, though. Even some Russians have concerns. Vladimir Katalov, CEO of forensics tech provider Elcomsoft, said the anti-virus simply went too deep into PCs, giving it too much power over the files inside."

7/13/2017 The US Government Banned Kaspersky Antivirus

Will Trump Ban Russian Anti-Virus Software Giant Kaspersky Labs Over Alleged Kremlin Ties? Newsweek
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